Online sports betting

Use of consumer protection tools by Australian sports wagerers


October 20, 2021



  • The clients have a partnership with Responsible Wagering Australia to provide experimental data for research.
  • For this project, the questions were:
    1. What proportion of online sports wagerers use consumer protection tools (deposit limits, timeouts & self-exclusions)?
    2. What are the differences between wagerers who use each of the tool types?


  • Integrated 12+ million online wagering transactions from 50 000 clients of 6 major online wagering operators. Engineered over 200 features for analysis.
  • This revealed that mandatory vs opt-in deposit limits are likely to reduce the risk of harms.
  • Created a visualisation for the tool use trajectory for ~3000 clients to enable data understanding and hypothesis generation, for the next work around understanding tool use patterns among users of multiple tools.


  • Co-authored the first academic publication regarding consumer protection tool use among sports wagerers in Australia.
  • Contributed to a report for Responsible Wagering Australia.
  • Study results were covered by multiple media outlets (see below links).