Protehome software


January 20, 2020


  • A large 50+ person laboratory from the University of Sydney’s Faculty of Medicine & Health.



  • Data exists in spreadsheets on users laptops, with columns organised in various ad-hoc, manual ways
  • Data can come from several distinct experiment types, with different “columns” being appropriate for each
  • Data has been processed with different versions of the same software, and this needs to be recorded/captured
  • Data has been processed to different versions of reference annotations, so old data needs to be automatically updated to reflect the changes that have happened in the annotation


  • My role was project management & user requirements elucidation.

  • The tool ended up consisting of:

    • An interface to upload data and validate its integrity
    • Internal functionality to update the database records when UniProt (a publically available annotation database) was updated
    • A search interface


  • As project manager, I ensured client needs were met within a reasonable time frame and the software was able to do what they wanted.

  • As domain matter expert, I served as a “translator” between the clients (biologists) and the two software engineers, as the ways/langauge of describing functionality and user needs was very different between the two. For example, a “UI” demonstration was confusing for the client, as much core functionality was still not operational, so it was unclear what they were being asked to provide feedback for.

Key tools

  • git & GitHub; GitHub projects; Jira; Trello.