Training dashboard


August 20, 2021

Photo by Jason Goodman on Unsplash


  • University of Sydney/Sydney Informatics Hub management
  • Other Sydney Informatics Hub trainers
  • Sydney Informatics Hub Team Leads


  • To showcase Sydney Informatics Hub training numbers & highlight the team’s achievements.
  • To allow trainers to conveniently access & reflect on learner feedback.


  • Developed a PowerBI dashboard.
  • Raw data was scraped from Eventbrite and REDCap, extensively cleaned and validated prior to being ingested into PowerBI.
  • Training partners were supplied with validation scripts so they could test their data on their end and ensure its consitency.


  • Dashboard is used to make key training decisions.
  • Dashboard is used by management when engaging with specific faculties to show level of SIH services provided.

Key tools

  • R: tidyverse, lubridate; REDCap, Eventbrite; PowerBI; git & GitHub